Meeting Links

Active travel schemes – work at county level on cycling and walking schemes (Forum meeting 5) and the Stroud Town Golden Valley Route (Forum meeting 9)

Carbon Foot-printing – The Impact parish carbon foot-printing tool provides a visual representation of parish carbon footprints, enabling identification of areas were community initiatives can make most impact (Forum meeting 11)

Co Cars – bringing shared mobility to local communities (Forum meeting 9)

Communication on climate changea guide for local and Climate Action groups and 10 principles for effective climate communications during the pandemic (Forum meeting 4)

Gloucestershire Food Strategy – A plan to create a healthy circular economy in food & farming that cools the climate, builds natural
capital & reduces food-related illness for the benefit our people, businesses and nature (Forum meeting 10)

Gloucestershire Tree Strategy – Details on Gloucestershire Tree Strategy from Gloucestershire Local Nature Partnership (Forum meeting 7)

Gloucestershire Community Energy Cooperative – potential to work with local groups on community-owned renewable energy projects (Forum meeting 8)

Rural Sustainable Drainage Systems (RSuDS) – the work of the District Council on natural flood management projects (Forum meeting 12)

Tree Planting Stroud Valleys Project giving support for local tree planting projects as part of nature-based approaches to building climate resilience (Forum meeting 12)

The Long TableA social enterprise supplying food across the local area in order to fight food poverty, end social isolation and tackle food waste – one bite at a time (Forum meeting 10)

Seed Banks – Down to Earth is helping establish local pilot projects for community seed banks (Forum meeting 5)

General INformation

Britain Talks Climate – an evidence-based toolkit designed to support organisations that want to engage the British public on climate change. See also the latest research, ‘After the lockdown?  New lessons for building climate change engagement in the UK’.

Build Back Better – there is now a national campaign to build back better, currently coordinated by Green New Deal UK.  See the national website for information about 5 key principles for recovery and how to get involved.

Introductory webinars on domestic retrofit – the Manchester-based Carbon Co-op has a series of retrofit webinars on its website, including a ‘beginner’s guide’ and some ‘deep retrofit’ case studies.  A useful way in to the subject!