Stroud Carbon Neutral 2030

Stroud District Council Carbon Neutral Strategy Report front page

Against the backdrop of the Climate and Ecological Emergency, the Transition Stroud strategy is based on the vision that by 2030 Stroud district will be carbon neutral and local communities will be resilient.

We welcome Stroud District Council’s pledge to “do everything within the Council’s power to make Stroud District Carbon Neutral by 2030“.  We also welcome the launch of consultation on the Council’s strategy to limit, adapt, recover and respond to the changing climate.

Like the Council, we believe that the 2030 target will only be achieved by working in partnership across community, public and business spheres.

A rapid programme of decarbonisation presents major challenges, but there could also be many benefits, including: a safer future, cleaner air, more comfortable buildings and homes, more local food supplies, an improved natural environment and resilience to severe weather.

Please read the Transition Stroud written response to Stroud District Council’s 2030 Strategy proposals.